2024 Euro Travel Packages Germany 14 June - 14 July

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13 - 27 June 2024

Follow Your Team

country_flag Germany

11-12 days

from US$ 2905

13 - 23 June 2024

Opening & Best Group Games

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country_flag Austria

11 days

from US$ 5100

8 - 15 July 2024

Semi-Finals & Final Packages

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4-8 days

from US$ 2415

14 June - 14 July 2024

Corporate Travel

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3-8 days


28 June - 9 July 2024

Round of 16 and 1/4

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5 days

from US$ 1560

14 June - 14 July 2024

Tailor-Made 2024 Euro

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4-31 days

from US$ 1490

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2024 Euro Group Stage Schedule

14 June
Match 1, A: Germany vs Scotland (Munich, 21:00)
15 June
Match 2, A: Hungary vs Switzerland (Cologne, 15:00)
Match 3, B: Spain vs Croatia (Berlin, 18:00)
Match 4, B: Italy vs Albania (Dortmund, 21:00)
16 June
Match 5, C: Serbia vs England (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)
Match 6, C: Slovenia vs Denmark (Stuttgart, 18:00)
Match 7, D: Poland vs Netherlands (Hamburg, 15:00)
17 June
Match 8, D: Austria vs France (Düsseldorf, 21:00)
Match 9, E: Belgium vs Slovakia (Frankfurt, 18:00)
Match 10, E: Romania vs Ukraine (Munich, 15:00)
18 June
Match 11, F: Türkiye vs Georgia (Dortmund, 18:00)
Match 12, F: Portugal vs Czechia (Leipzig, 21:00)
19 June
Match 13, A: Scotland vs Switzerland (Cologne, 21:00)
Match 14, A: Germany vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 18:00)
Match 15, B: Croatia vs Albania (Hamburg, 15:00)
20 June
Match 16, B: Spain vs Italy (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)
Match 17, C: Denmark vs England (Frankfurt, 18:00)
Match 18, C: Slovenia vs Serbia (Munich, 15:00)
21 June
Match 19, D: Poland vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)
Match 20, D: Netherlands vs France (Leipzig, 21:00)
Match 21, E: Slovakia vs Ukraine (Düsseldorf, 15:00)
22 June
Match 22, E: Belgium vs Romania (Cologne, 21:00)
Match 23, F: Türkiye vs Portugal (Dortmund, 18:00)
Match 24, F: Georgia vs Czechia (Hamburg, 15:00)
23 June
Match 25, A: Switzerland vs Germany (Frankfurt, 21:00)
Match 26, A: Scotland vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 21:00)
24 June
Match 27, B: Albania vs Spain (Düsseldorf, 21:00)
Match 28, B: Croatia vs Italy (Leipzig, 21:00)
25 June
Match 29, C: England vs Slovenia (Cologne, 21:00)
Match 30, C: Denmark vs Serbia (Munich, 21:00)
Match 31, D: Netherlands vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)
Match 32, D: France vs Poland (Dortmund, 18:00)
26 June
Match 33, E: Slovakia vs Romania (Frankfurt, 18:00)
Match 34, E: Ukraine vs Belgium (Stuttgart, 18:00)
Match 35, F: Georgia vs Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)
Match 36, F: Czechia vs Türkiye (Hamburg, 21:00)

2024 Euro Venues

2024 Euro will take place across ten world class stadiums in Germany:

  • Berlin: "Olympiastadion" (capacity: 70,000 ppl)
  • Munich: "Arena Munich" (67,000 ppl)
  • Dortmund: BVB-Stadion (capacity: 66,000 ppl)
  • Stuttgart: "Stuttgart Arena" (54,000 ppl)
  • Hamburg: Volksparkstadion (50,000 ppl)
  • Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke (50,000 ppl)
  • Cologne: Stadium Cologne (47,000 ppl)
  • Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf Arena (47,000 ppl)
  • Frankfurt: Arena Frankfurt (46,000 ppl)
  • Leipzig: "Leipzig Stadium" (42,000 ppl)

The Event

Countdown timer is on for the soccer fans! The 2024 Euro, the greatest sporting event of its kind, will take place in Germany from 14 June to 14 July, making this country a travel hotspot of the year. This is the second European soccer Championship that Germany has hosted since reunification, but for the first time, the country will be the sole host of the competition. Also for the first time, the competition will be held in former eastern Germany, in Leipzig.

The 2024 Euro is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all involved. The tournament will bring together the best teams and players from across Europe and all over the world, and the electric atmosphere in the stadiums is sure to be matched by the excitement and energy of the host cities themselves.

Get ready to experience the thrill of the competition and discover some of the most beautiful and vibrant destinations in Germany. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to rediscover classic Europe with our best-value hospitality packages for Germany 2024!

The qualification games were played from March to November 2023, and the three play-offs will be held in March 2024.

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I traveled to the Australian Open with WofDi and was thoroughly impressed with the organization of my tour. The team at WofDi are true professionals who know their business inside and out. Any question or issue I had was addressed swiftly, showcasing their commitment to excellent customer service. They ensured that aside from the tennis, everything else was taken care of, allowing me to focus solely on enjoying the event. I’m grateful for such a hassle-free experience and will definitely be traveling with WofDi again!

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Great experience in Qatar World Cup!!! Great service and support during our trip to Dubai and Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup!!! Helena for the first contact and reservations coordination was just perfect! Michael, Varya, Irena, Anastasia and all the support staff made a great Job and made us feel safe, happy and satisfied with the service and the tours we got. The full tour included welcome party, Desert dinner and show, tour in Dubai and a perfect logistics for travel between Dubai and Qatar. We had no problem with the FIFA hospitality tickets… Simply a perfect and unforgetable trip!!! We will for sure hire World of Discoveries services again soon!!

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The World of Discoveries team made organising a complex holiday to the Qatar World Cup a breeze. My initial contact, Michael, managed to bring the cost of the holiday in line with my budget where other travel agents told me or would be impossible. On the ground we had a great experience on the desert tour and generally had a ball. Thank you

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We have some issues with FIFA Haya card, and the agency support us all the time, ensuring we could enter to the stadium. Our manager behavior was so kindly and very responsible to support us at any moment.

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World Cup - Qatar Prior to our trip to the World Cup to Qatar, we were given helpful advice to plan the trip with staff of World of Discoveries (Wofdi). The Trip was very organized with good ground support and did not have any problems. The Wofdi was always just a "what app" away which was comforting and helpful Aubrey and Marilyn DeSouza



First time with the World of Discoveries tour but my fifth time overall with tour guided trips. They did an amazing job finding the best hotel places especially the Museum Hotel that was connected to the QT. Loved that we could do laundry since we were traveling for 2 weeks. The selection of itinerary was spot on and had so many wide arrangement for all to participate. The Hobbiton was surprisingly my favorite and definitely need to go. Our tour guide Micheal was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful through your our trip. Communication was very good having the WhatsApp helped with knowing when and where we needed to meet at all times. Plus the other travels on the tour guide was a bonus since we all loved soccer and got along extremely well. OVERALL the trip was a big success and I would ? book another trip with them.


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