Santa & Christmas Dreams Tour Exclusive & private wilderness


Private Luxury in the Heart of Finnish Lapland

At the Arctic Circle, life is different. Imagine an exclusive log chalet with spacious sleeping rooms for the entire family, cozy fireplace and sauna to take a break after a busy day exploring the North. Share these precious family moments of joy and appreciation together in your fully serviced modern five star villa in the heart of secluded Lappish wilderness. Meet Santa at his home deep in the forest, away from tourist crowds. Take away daily stress under the Northern Lights and connect to pure nature when you experience the real Arctic. Private guides, chef and butler will make sure all your needs are attended. Welcome to stunning Lapland, where adventures and miracles lie on your doorstep.


Day 1: Arrival

Arrive Rovaniemi airport and take your private luxury transfer to the villa. You will be greeted with a welcome reception. Relax a bit before your guide takes you outside to do some snowshoeing and observe Northern Lights. Aurora is best seen in the darkness, with no artificial lights around. Enjoy Nordic gourmet meals and Spa in the lodge. Choose the perfect Christmas tree in front of your villa and decorate it together.

Day 2: The Elves and Santa Claus

Let the miracles start! Surprise visit by the Elves and you're taken out by their magic sleigh, to meet Santa Claus deep in his hideaway place in the depth of secret forest, where only a few can reach and only with the help of Elf Magic. You travel there by a reindeer sleigh. On the way, Elves has got a lot to tell you about their hidden life in the modern world, about their post system and about their full time work as Santa's ambassadors. Suddenly, you see a smoke between snow-covered trees. What is it?

Day 2: Private meeting with Santa

The elf will walk you through a hardly seen trail in a forest and here you are, shaking hands with Santa Claus himself. Kids will learn a lot, and adults will recollect how was it, to be a kid when you get presents from Santa who knew exactly what you all were hoping to get this year!

Day 2: The Elves

Enjoy hot drinks by the open fireplace, cook gingerbread with Elves, and learn some professional Elves secrets from Professor Elves Santa’s Helpers Training. With your brand new Santa’s Helpers Training Diploma, you're now officially entitled to help Santa and his team to manage Christmas time!

Day 2: Family time

Enjoy lunch in front of the open fire, and spend a relaxing afternoon in your home-away-from-home with panorama sauna and outdoor hot tube at your disposal. Spend evening tasting various Arctic meals and hunting the best Northern Lights viewing.

Day 3: Snowmobiling safari & Ice fishing

What about a touch of extreme? No worries, it's absolutely safe even with kids. A private snowmobile safari in the wilderness will take you to a remote frozen lake. Here you will learn how to get your lunch in Finland in winter, you will learn how to ice fish! You can catch, in fact, a very big fish here. Take you lunch back home, chef will be delighted to cook it for the dinner. Train your kids how to build snow castle and practice marksmanship in a snowball game. Or, just take some time for yourself and walk in a secluded winter forest before dinner.

Day 4: Husky dogs sledding

Today, you travel to a husky park for a private husky dog sledding in the woods. Meet lovely huskies and steer your own team through the fascinating scenery of snowy Lapland. Our enthusiastic dogs will take on a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let the dogs lead you through the wild Arctic nature. You will travel about 5 km in a sleigh, deep to the wilderness - and back, to the warm open fire and hot drinks.

Day 4: Santa Village

We return home for another delicious Arctic lunch our chef has just finished cooking for you. After lunch, plunge into the festive atmosphere when you visit the official Santa Claus village. First, you will cross magical Arctic Circle. Choose to you liking between Elf's farmyard zoo, Hat Academy, ice karting and skidoos, or visit one of the biggest snow hotels in the world.

Day 4: Evening at leisure

You may choose to dine in Santa's village and mingle with the happy crowds for a while. Or, return to your private loge and spend some quality time at your leisure hunting for Aurora Borealis.

Day 5: Winter Ice Driving

Today, adults have their time with exclusive experience of winter ice driving in private tracks. Again, no worries. You're on holidays, not in Fort Boyard. There are CanAm buggy cars and you can learn to drive on the private ice tracks. Kids can try/practise ice skating or cross-country skiing. It's actually a lot of fun when you do such activities together. In the afternoon, spend some time walking with your guide at your private reserve. In the evening, we bid our farewells with delicious farewell dinner.

Day 5: Afternoon

Your guide is always happy to arrange last-minute activities. Have you heard of fatbike trails? We have some here in magnificent Lapland. Located at Ounasvaara hill, just behind the river Kemijoki. Network consists of approximately 25 kilometres of easy to ride snow-covered trails.

Day 6: Departure

Morning at leisure after breakfast. At appropriate time, your luxury van transfer will deliver you to Rovaniemi airport.

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Private Luxury in the wilderness

Image life as connection to nature. You villa is surrounded by freely roaming reindeer, there are about 200 000 of them here in Lapland and the secluded area of your villa is their natural habitat. Yet, the villa offers impeccable service and comfort of the 5th Avenue hotel.

2-bedroom villa

There is a lounge with dining area, outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, bath, 3 WC, master bedroom and second bedroom with panoramic windows. The villa is the only home in the private 300 ha forest. It also features 2 huge terraces to observe Northern LIghts in Action

Northern Lights Viewing

If skies are clear, you will be able to watch the natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights, directly from you home-away-from-home

1-bedroom villa with loft

This high quality villa has a master bedroom downstairs and a spacious loft upstairs. It accommodates up to 6 people and is located 50 min drive from Rovaniemi airport. It is a rustic but elegant house of typical Scandinavian design.

Other accommodation options available

Let us know how many people are you and will offer the best accommodation options in Rovaniemi area for your family & friends

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