Naadam 2020 in Mongolia The Greatest Festival of Nomadic Culture

Naadam 2020 Travel Packages

Mongolia's Ancient Festival

A midsummer celebration held for centuries, Naadam is a traditional Mongolian festival celebrating culture and traditions of bygone eras. It's the perfect central event to plan your Mongolian vacation around. World of Discoveries have unique travel packages to ensure your time at Naadam is exclusive and unencumbered. 

Don't Just Hear About the Ancient Festival – Take Part in It

Naadam is one of the few festivals in the world still running today that have been around for so long that there is no accurate reference of its exact age. Initially, a depiction of clan strength and power then used as military battle training, and finally commemorating Mongolia's emancipation from China, Naadam has a lot to celebrate.

The festival still showcases archery, wrestling and horse riding, as it has done for centuries. View the colourful opening ceremony before the competitions begin.

The three main activities of Naadam are not all that is on offer. Roam amongst the stalls, athletes, and soldiers, feasting on traditional Mongolian treats. See people wearing traditional costume and listen to the rhythm of Mongolia played on the khuur.

Our Reassurance Package

As with any festival, things don't always go to plan. Throw in international travel, ancient traditions competing with modern civilisation, and scorching summer heat, and plans are bound to go astray.

That's why we highly suggest visiting Naadam on a World of Discoveries trip.

The most significant event in Ulaanbaatar and world-famous to boot, you can be sure Naadam attracts crowds, year after year.

  • Our expert, bilingual tour guide will be with you every step of the way. Enjoy their on-hand service, for commentary on any exciting activities of the day, or aspects you don't understand.
  • Enjoy transportation to and from Naadam and avoid the throngs of the crowd trying to get taxis and public transport to and from the event.
  • Premium located seating at Naadam has been reserved for our guests, for maximum comfort without missing a minute of the action.

Exploring Mongolia

We have some fantastic deals for trips to Mongolia in 2020. Customise your Mongolian experience by choosing to explore Mongolia in-depth, or with destination add-ons like China and Russia.

Over ten days, choose to immerse yourself on a group tour of Mongolian monasteries, culture and tradition. Visit ancient civilisations, explore Kharkhorin – the city infamously founded by Genghis Khan – and discover the Gobi Desert, before attending Naadam.

Or, combine two of Mongolia's ultimate experiences; attending Naadam festival, and travelling on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. A genuinely unique expedition through the wilderness of China, Mongolia and finishing in Russia, there is no better way to visit multiple destinations. One of the greatest railways in history, an ancient festival, and many cultural highlights along the way – sounds like the perfect holiday.

Visit Mongolia, Before the Crowds Get to Naadam

The beauty of Mongolia lies in its beauty, untarnished by tourists or commercial attractions. While Naadam is a busy festival, its crowds are authentic, filled with faces of festivalgoers who have frequented for generations. Naadam is a real insight into a Mongolia of the past when the silk road was the sole connection between East and West and Genghis Khan ruled the Mongol Empire. 2020 is the year to visit Mongolia and Naadam – ask us how to make it a reality.