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September - October 2023

Tbilisoba Wine Fest & Highlights of the Caucasus




9-17 days

from US$ 5075

Year round

In vino veritas


7 days

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May - September 2023

З Pearls of the Caucasus




17 days

from US$ 7315

May - October 2023

Secrets of Armenia


6 days

from US$ 1749

May - October 2023

A Gorgeous Country


10 days

from US$ 3975

May - September 2023

Highlights of Georgia


5 days

from US$ 1840

Signature Cultural Experiences

The Caucasus: Deep Roots, Tall Mountains

For a small area on the globe, the Caucasus holds a wondrous diversity of cultures and landscapes. Situated between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, it's full of historical, linguistic and cultural differences that can't be defined by one name. We're offering you the chance to travel to this incredible pocket of the world, with holiday deals you won't find anywhere else. Your Caucasus vacation starts here.

The Border Between Europe and Asia

The Caucasus is the point where Europe ends, and Asia begins. Its proximity to different influences is mostly why the Caucasus region hosts such diversity. What's more, the natural landscape is mountainous and difficult to pass; almost impossible in the winter months. Such isolation between settlements meant that each developed habits and nuances without much interaction with neighbours.

The result? A mosaic of wilderness and heritage in every direction.

Georgia: Wine, Food, And Lots of It

Georgian cuisine hosts comforting, exciting flavours you won't find anywhere else. Be served an abundance of food – and believe us, you'll have built up a healthy appetite after exploring the sights that Georgia has to offer. Our guided tours mean that you won't miss any of the many highlights of Georgia.

Visit Tbilisi; the sophisticated capital of Georgia. Old Town is made for strolling, with a picturesque backdrop of colours and mountains. Take a tour of Tbilisi's momentous structures, including the Metekhi Church and Narikala Fortress.

Enjoy the sprawling town of Stepantsminda, full of Georgian charm, and the perfect base to visit Georgia's most iconic location; Gergeti Holy Trinity Church. The 14th-century architectural marvel is a sight upon itself. However, the towering mountains behind it make Gergeti Church one of the most beautiful in the world.

Azerbaijan: A Contrast of Old and New, East and West

The self-proclaimed 'Land of Fire', Azerbaijan pairs historical charm and progressive innovation. Your first trip to Azerbaijan will leave you wondering why you haven't been before. With its balmy climate, modern amenities, heritage architecture and welcoming people, Azerbaijan has everything to make your holiday special.

The nation's capital, Baku, is a fitting spot to begin our tour. A luxurious combination of old and new, Baku has found the sweet spot between encouraging new development and keeping the soul of its UNESCO-listed Old Town. Explore the Maiden Tower, Alley of the Martyrs, Shirvanshah's Palace and more, with the help of our fantastic tour guides.

Armenia: More Profound Than First Meets the Eye

Armenia has an extraordinary history; the result is a rugged, rustic landscape with incredible monuments and beautiful people.

Travelling Armenia is a rewarding experience. It's a destination that stays with you long after you return to daily life.

However, the language barrier and hard-to-navigate transportation systems can make it a challenge – but that's what we're here for. Our holiday trips to Armenia include a bilingual tour guide and 24-hour support, for your security and comfort.

Some of our favourite Armenian destinations include:

  • Haghartsin Monastery; a complex established between the 10th and 13th centuries
  • Lake Sevan, a dazzling shoreline straight from a fairy-tale
  • Yerevan; a juxtaposition of impressions and one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world

The Cheapest Way to See These Marvels? With World of Discoveries.

Visit Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia for a luxury experience, without the price tag. Enjoy the reassurance of pre-arranged accommodation tried and tested by us, and the travel perk of being accompanied daily by a tour guide. What are you waiting for? Book your Caucasus vacation today.

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Dragan Rakic


Great experience and organisation by the team at World of Discoveries - communication was great all the way through the trip

Carlos Silva, Family & Friends


World of Discoveries went above and beyond on the World Cup tour, aside from the tour in Qatar they helped us and manage the logistics to get small 2-3 day tours to Egypt and Jordan in a marathon but memorable 16 days trip. We got to be in 2 of the 5 wonders of the world (Egyptian Pyramids & Petra; among other places) Everything they promised they delivered and always check on each and everyone on our group of 7. Helen from Spain did all the paper work and signed us up and the the land crew that greeted us in Doha were just perfect! Very well recommended and for the next World Cup and the Olympics they will be our go to people for the planning for a great experience such as Qatar 2022. Well done Wofdi!! Kudos to everyone of you!!! (Helen, Michael, Anna, Lina, Varya, among others) don’t meant to leave anyone out intentionally!!

Bruce McDougall


I recently toured Qatar during the World Cup with Varya and Mike’s team at World of Discoveries. The experience over three weeks was first class. Varya and her team nailed the detail for every aspect of the trip from planning and booking through to the actual travel, tours, sightseeing, transport, accommodation and ticketing to games. They were always accessible to deal with any issues that arose and went the extra mile to ensure the travelling group was happy, organised and safe. And they throw a mean party. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend World of Discoveries for trips of a lifetime.

Aubrey DeSouza


World Cup - Qatar Prior to our trip to the World Cup to Qatar, we were given helpful advice to plan the trip with staff of World of Discoveries (Wofdi). The Trip was very organized with good ground support and did not have any problems. The Wofdi was always just a "what app" away which was comforting and helpful Aubrey and Marilyn DeSouza

Juan Torres & Family


World Cup experience (A+) It is great when companies do exactly what you paid for. Host Anna, was amazing at answering all questions and posting in the WhatsApp groups the timings and what to expect in each of the stages of the trip. Seats could have been a little better but we were told that it was a Fifa decision.

Rene & Patricia Aguirre Olivares


We have some issues with FIFA Haya card, and the agency support us all the time, ensuring we could enter to the stadium. Our manager behavior was so kindly and very responsible to support us at any moment.